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15 November 2011, Comments: 0

A Guide To Making Money With Google Plus

Get started with Google Plus before its too late

making money with Google+Alright, so Google+ is now here and has already become the prime challenger to Facebook’s might in the Social media arena; something that was hard to comprehend just a couple years back when Facebook seemed to be an unstoppable force. Now, don’t get me wrong. Facebook still remains the most powerful Social Media platform as of now, just that it has found a really serious threat in the form of Google Plus as a competitor. Google+ has already started offering most of the services that Facebook was- from networking to dating, to business opportunities, games, news, chatting, media sharing, business promotions and so on. In other words Google+ is daring to turn into (if not already one) a massive, somewhat untapped and unexploited TRAFFIC GENERATING SOURCE.

Now, there’s a reason I called it an unexploited TRAFFIC SOURCE (yet!). Mind you, its still very early days for Google Plus. And if history is any evidence, things are just about to explode and the strategies are about to get innovative very fast. In other words, things are already beginning to get rough and will get even more so as more and more people start latching on to the opportunities presented by the big G. The faster you learn to exploit this social network, the better.

I remember there were times when I used to wonder if only I knew Facebook would become what it is today and had latched on to it when it was still in its infancy. I often rued missing out on several opportunities that could have resulted in better results for my businesses and endeavors. Now, Google Plus brings you that second chance. The opportunity to set things right. There aren’t many Internet Marketers out there trying to encash this opportunity yet, but pretty soon the Gold Rush will begin. And you better be prepared.

So here’s a basic guideline on what needs to be done so you get an early mover’s advantage:

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

1. OK, so first things first. Pick up a niche where you have had some success in. Something that has worked for you in the past and has a potential of doing good in the future as well. If you happen to be a body building expert, choose this niche and start selling your body-building skills. If you happen to be offering some offline services to local clients, you might consider an expansion and build an online store to sell your products/services globally! If you are a trainer, go ahead and build an interactive training website for people who are interested in learning this trade. If you happen to like a sport, think about building a business sports website where you offer coaching services and sports equipments. If you happen to be smooth with women and have had a good experience experience dating them, start a services that gives other people tips on how to do it through your own personal space on the web. Hell, if you are a poker expert, share your gambling experiences with others! You see, the possibilities here are endless.

2. Once you have decided on the niche, its time to get a domain name for your business. Choosing the right domain name for your business is extremely important. And irrespective of some contradictory reports out there, MAKE SURE that your that domain name has at least one KEYWORD that best defines your niche. Its vital, and gives your business an undue advantage and a head-start.

TIP: When choosing a domain name, always try to get hold of a .com, .net, or a .org domain, in that order. Stay clear of .info domain names.

3. Next, get your website done. Have it designed by an expert, or do it yourself, as long as you ensure that it looks professional. You may even want to buy ready made websites (corresponding to your niche) from websites like Flippa.

4. Now its time for the real deal: CONTENT. Go ahead and start adding VALUABLE and ORIGINAL content to your website. Always keep in mind that that whatever you advertise, or even sell, is for your clients eventually and as such should not confuse or mislead them. Always try and indulge in best customer services practices and not only are you going to see return customers but your business expand via word of mouth publicity. If that means giving away extra freebies to them, do it!

TIP: If you thinking of creating a REAL, LONG TERM business, forget about creating Adsense websites where you start a blog, add hundreds of spun articles, place an ad inside the body of the text, and hope to start getting visitors and make some big bucks! Surely you are not hoping to post a bunch of unreadable articles with irrelevant, gibberish content, and hope to generate money on auto-pilot!

You need to understand that if you are to have a continuous flow of natural organic traffic to your websites, you have to provide good quality services in return. That’s what your visitor’s want.

Alright, continuing along, you have by now a great looking and professionally done website, quality content and a profitable niche. It’s time now, to get our Google Plus dice rolling. To get started, you need to get yourself a properly done Google+ profile and add as many followers (targeted to your niche) as you possibly can.

google plus socializerThis can be automated somewhat by using the Google Plus Socializer tool. Ever since Google+ came up, people have been asking for a good automation tool that could help get this done faster. Unfortunately, there aren’t many very functional ones yet, apart from the one I mentioned above. This should change soon though.

Anyways, continue building your profile and keep on adding as many targeted followers as you can. Build targeted circles of friends depending on their occupation, interest, geographical location and Google+ reputation as well. Always remain focused on your objective of building an attractive profile with tons of targeted followers, that are/might be interested in whatever services or products that you have on offer.

An interesting feature about Google Plus, not unlike Facebook, is that once you start adding friends to your circles, Google+ will start to  suggest you more new friends, based on your current preferences and kind of friends. So if your friends are targeted, so will those suggestions as well.

Take a look at the following image for an idea of how I build my networks. This is how it works:

making profits with google plus

Level 1 – build a Google+ complete profile and choose the right followers for your circles, depending on your business niche

Level 2 – Use Google Plus Socializer (or similar) to build your targeted followers

Level 3 – use your targeted followers and Google+ business pages to promote:

  • Your Personal Website (directly)
  • Your Personal Website using YouTube Advertising (people respond better to promotional videos)
  • Affiliate products using YouTube Advertising (people respond better to promotional videos)
  • Other clients’ business

What I also like to do is:

- Use Fiverr to sell a lot of related services
- Sell traffic to clients that use a similar business niche, using my Google+ profile, thus leveraging my followers

So, by now, as you can hopefully see, there are endless possibilities wherein you can make some profits with Google+ with a little hard work and some perseverance.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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